Frost grave Matches round 1

We are really liking this game.  I need more terrain,

A bit of casted fog.

Terrain making on the quick and cheap.

Build it they will come...

A church and more on the Vikings.
2 Warbands for Adepticon

4Ground preps you for the journey

Starting Saga Vikings for Adepticon

Converting Spearmen into Slingers.

I have a ways to go.

Team Tourney 2x37 figs
4 Berserkers
12 Hearth
8 Warriors
12 Slingers

Frostgrave band

Here is my first cut.  I'll get some close ups later.

Frostgave play test

Gearing up for a mini campaign!

Frostgrave play test

 new dice bag for Emma

a great show!

FlatCon 2015

A great time.  I am glad the kids and Anita sent me.

Stu's right - never run an RPG without minis especially, if I have them.  Ran The Sixth Gun from    Tried using iPad for maps and such.  Still a great game.

Got some more kills in Aerodrome.

Just took out Stu.

Aaron's plane in flames.  He still has no kills.

Guildhall was fun.

I won Coup!

Won one. Dead last in three others.

E's new dice bag

FlatCon prep

A great local convention. Not Flat, Just Level.

Reading rules this week
Zpoc (first three boxes, yes another Z box is being used)
A Touch of Evil
Moongha Invaders
Dark Gothic (are these online?)

I signed up for Aerodrome, Guild Ball demo, and Machi Koro demo.