Savage ETU

I still don't have this video figured out.  Also we spend the first 10-15 minutes trying to get Mitch to connect before we kick him out.

Level 7

We were a bit stingy with take backs tonight... Humans won!
That's how I roll!

Finally got Connor back!

Captains of the Colonial Ranger Banshee Field Command

Yes, these are the two Captains!

A bit behind...

A bunch of updates...
Getting ready to fight zombies

Really ready
my score

included is Roll20 games of Savage ETU

Seem to remember losing, but maybe I won.  Imperial Settlers is good!

Reminds you of the Flintstone Martian.

Ghostbusters 30 anniversary

Another night of Imperial Settlers

I think he thought himself right out of the game

Whoops, it was Rocky's victory

visited a game store in Cedar Rapids

Birthday cake with the Captains and Anita
Nice cake!  Thanks Megan

Level 7 victory and a sweet one at that

We got'em

E is 20!

GenCon 2014

Another great year gaming...