Last games of the 2014

Brother in-law, Sister, Wife, and I.

Slipped in Christmas gifts from kids.


Finally days with Connor.  Now we send him off to school.

Cyclades, Theseus, and the Hanging Gnome

Finishing up 2014 gaming posts...

Theseus some more

Happy Birthday Aaron!  Let me have some aliens gobble your marines and Connor's scientists.  Connor took us in the second game.

Theseus the beatings in space

Took a few games to learn how to play correctly.  Rocky and I really enjoyed.  First rounds Red Rocky's Marines took some cheap shots for the wins.  Third game the Aliens barely got their revenge.

Brimstone with the boys

We have played a few times and enjoying the games.  It is a LOT of stuff and works well together.  We looked into the void last week.

Brimstone Solo

Very low... as on buried in the ground.

A little play testing for bigger games.