Theseus some more

Happy Birthday Aaron!  Let me have some aliens gobble your marines and Connor's scientists.  Connor took us in the second game.

Theseus the beatings in space

Took a few games to learn how to play correctly.  Rocky and I really enjoyed.  First rounds Red Rocky's Marines took some cheap shots for the wins.  Third game the Aliens barely got their revenge.

Brimstone with the boys

We have played a few times and enjoying the games.  It is a LOT of stuff and works well together.  We looked into the void last week.

Brimstone Solo

Very low... as on buried in the ground.

A little play testing for bigger games.

Brimstone play 1

First game... Connor took out the town.


Pictures from FlatCon

David's on left, Connor's on right

Savage ETU

I still don't have this video figured out.  Also we spend the first 10-15 minutes trying to get Mitch to connect before we kick him out.