ETU 3rd session

Still working on the video hopping...

War of Dead

Played Level 7 on Wednesday.  The scenario looks like it would be tough with 5 players.  We lost pretty handedly to Stu.  Nathan (of Firefly), Rocky (of Rocky I, II, III, IV, V), Aaron (or rental place), Alex (of Jeopardy) and David (or Dave) were the dead commandos.

Also got in War of the Dead on  Still alive there.

ETU on Roll20

Recorded our game.  We'll do this better the next time.  Still learning how to record via google+ hangout.


Yep, it's unpainted...  A fun game.  Rocky get's two **'s.  He knows why and so does Aaron.  Forgot Tough and Sniper.  It's a bit more than you initially think.  Open squares are a killer...

Welcome to ETU!

Freshman Orientation... the day we are all burning for...

Our students (Chester, Hugh, May May, and Tim) meet the school president and also the local law enforcement.  In the end they have a mentor in Professor Mac and his assistant Jackson.

The Raven's Nest!  Great band and free food.

Dorm life is the greatest.  Lots of letters to Moms' coming from room 101.  Hugh has a few night criers and bed wetters.

Ticket to Ride

It got a bit cutthroat.

Played more games on Sunday, just forgot to pic and post.  Love Letter and Jamaica. 

Savage Worlds on Roll20

I have been wanting to run a virtual game.  So I found John, and added Aaron and Mitch for a game of Dungeon Crawl in Savage Worlds.  It worked fairly well for my first virtual GM.  A couple of glitches in the dice macros for the players... rolling 1d1 instead of a trait die.  That just gave  my goblins a chance.

Moving forward with ETU this Sunday.