USA's Birthday Game

A bit of Imperial Assault and Francis Drake.  I will play both again.  Lost 3 games - 2 in Star Wars and last in Drake.  Still a great day of gaming.  I was asked about that.  A day of last place is still a better day than not playing.  I am good with that.

Stu missed me 2 times at point blank.

My last place finish!

Those not in last - Aaron and Stu.

Winner - Rocky

The final spread.

FogCon Pekin IL

A great local convention.  We will be back!

I ran three games.  Convention games are a blast to run.  I had really good players for all games.  As always they make the game.

Onward to Venus

Pics from miniatures area

Hollow Earth with a really good GM and a very fun group

Lost Colony
Thanks to Aaron for remembering to take pictures

Deadlands Noir - I'd vote this my best convention experience in years

2015 Conventions Games

I will be running 2 rpgs at conventions for 2015.  GenCon, FogCon, Heroicon, FlatCon

Banshee Screams (Savage Worlds)
You are a posse in Deadlands: Lost Colony. In space, no one can hear you scream... Join Colonial Rangers in a grim battle against blacklined Reapers. Your posse is chasing a menacing band of greedy scum. Welcome to Deadlands: Lost Colony. Link to characters.

Red Harvest (Savage Worlds)
Find a missing dame in Deadlands Noir. You are hired to find a missing dame, Emma Ross. The gal is a pretty blonde with a self-conscious smile. The year is 1935, but the history is not our own. Deadlands Noir is about hardboiled gumshoes and savvy private investigators. Using archetype characters from

Pictures of game sessions will be posted.

Adepticon 2015

I had a great time... I was a Viking, a Pirate, a Pulp Hero, and Batman!