G-Men and Gangsters

From Triple Ace Games (TAG)... G-Men and Gansters!

I'm a huge Showdown fan. My favorite games played of all time were The Great Rail Wars from Pinnacle. I've run a bunch of Showdown games over the years: 50 Fathoms, Zombies (blogged here on this site), Lord of the Rings, and more. I had been collecting a few 1920/30's pulp figs. So this game was right perfect for Grant and I.

Scenario: Bloody Streets  

Grant and I put in a game of GnG. I barely lasted till turn 6... I'll get him and his flying rocket men next time.

Standard Mission: Bloody Streets
Interesting Locale: Hospital
no Freak Events, but we had plenty of Fortune and Calamities (mostly at my expense)

Good Guys (Grant): Senior Agent and G-Men, Rocket Ranger Captain and Rocket men, Beat Cops, Doctor and Gumshoe, Texas Ranger Captain and Texas Rangers

Bad Guys (me): Capo and Mobsters, Grand Dragon and Klansmen, Dragon's Breath, Chinese Mystic, Dragon Klaws and Martial Artists, Weird Scientist and Doctor, Gentleman and Loyal Servant

*units were mostly selected on figures we had painted. Most were fairly close proxies. We skipped the vehicles for this game. I'm going to be getting in an order with Pulp Figures. Also have a bunch of unpainted pulp to put in the painting queue.

The game played out in lots of fun and great stories to repeat afterwards. Grant flew those Rocket Men right on top of Klansmen and Gentleman to remove our cover bonus and make short work of two units.
The game has a great story and flavor. I have the Daring Tales from TAG books and like those this was really exciting to read and play.

The Seven Dragon Brotherhood were easy to pick off as I wandered across the table. Everyone else had range weapons, so you just have to play those a lot smarter and with patience. Catching a ride on a vehicle would help. That's the problem of bringing a knife (or fast hands) to a gun fight. Should have my mystic get Barrier next time.

We took a few pics the first few rounds. Blue tape on windows is painting tape. I'm getting ready to age a few of these buildings with spray. We used a Indiana Jones deck for initiative.


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    I'm not a miniatures/skirmish kind of guy, but this looks fun.

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